New boxes for early holiday shopping:

THE FUGITIVE: MOST WANTED EDITION Classic series (1963-1967) that inspired the Harrison Ford movie: David Janssen's wrongly convicted doctor chases the one-armed man who actually killed his wife. His cross-country odyssey, filled with compelling characters, made history by definitively resolving the case. Large-format hard box contains 4 individual season cases, with previous sets' brief extras collected on one bonus disc, plus new Pete Rugolo soundtrack CD. List price: $260 for 120 episodes on 33 discs, from CBS DVD.

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ALL IN THE FAMILY: THE COMPLETE SERIES Archie Bunker's 1970s Queens clan debates politics/culture, while making history as TV's first controversy-com. Standard-size hard box contains five cases holding nine sitcom seasons, plus bonus disc: new interview with creator/activist Norman Lear, existing documentaries, unsold "Family" pilots, also premiere episodes of spinoffs "Archie Bunker's Place," 'Gloria," "704 Hauser." With 40-page episode guide booklet. $200 for 213 episodes on 28 discs, Shout.

COMBAT!: FAN FAVORITES Top 20 episodes from '60s drama of American soldiers in World War II Europe; $25 for five discs, Image.

THRILLER: FAN FAVORITES Top 10 episodes from black-and-white horror anthology hosted by Boris Karloff; $20 for two discs, Image.