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TV on DVD: 'The Returned'

Anne Consigny (from left), Yara Pilartz, Frédéric Pierrot

Anne Consigny (from left), Yara Pilartz, Frédéric Pierrot and Jenna Thiam in the Sundance Channel series "The Returned." Credit: Jean Claude Lother


Series Did you ever wish a dead loved one could come back to life, four years, 10 years, more years later? You'll rethink the notion after this eight-hour series (seen on Sundance). The title's deceased characters simply reappear, expecting to reassume their former lives, although their lovers, parents and even a twin sister have grown older and moved on. With elements of murder mystery, crime drama, psychology study and sci-fi, it's immediately mesmerizing, thanks to an eerie "Twin Peaks" vibe (great Mogwai score!), plus stark photography in a modern Alpine town that's equally gorgeous, grim and alien. Loosely adapted by writer-director Fabrice Gobert from 2004's more zombiefied film, "Les Revenauts" ("They Came Back"), the French production -- with English subtitles -- won 2013's International Emmy for drama series. Season 2 is on the way. (ABC's March 9 series "Resurrection" is based on a book with a similar premise and title, Jason Mott's "The Returned.")

Extras Nothing on disc, but a smart booklet eyes the series, interviews its creators.

List price $30 DVD/$35 Blu-ray, out today from Music Box.

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