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TV reacts to the Boston marathon bombing

Jimmy Kimmel revealed last night that he orchestrated

(Credit: Getty Images)

Entertainment television, or at least some of  the live-to-tape portion that took place after 3 p.m. Monday, took a brief hiatus from entertaining, or brief enough to acknowledge what had just taken place in Boston. Jimmy Kimmel called the attacks "disgusting" (Jay Leno, Jimmy Fallon, and David Letterman were in repeats) while Tom Bergeron opened a live  "Dancing with the Stars" with a cold open, saying: "Before we begin the show, we just want to take a moment: Our thoughts are with everyone in Boston, I have family members and many friends there. Our hearts are with you . . ." He later told "Extra" this: “It was the hardest show I have ever done,” he said of going to work on Monday. His daughter and wife were both in the city when the blasts went off near the Boston Marathon finish line. “[My wife] was the one that texted me first to let me know what was going on,” he said. “She was in lockdown in a hotel… I worked in Boston for years, I know how valuable that marathon is, that last mile was dedicated to the families if Newtown. I'm feeling a mixture of grief, relief that my family's fine.” And Craig Ferguson had this, followed by Ellen DeGeneres' brief acknowledgment: Conan O'Brien - a Boston native - of course addressed this last night: "Like eveyrbody here, my thoughts and prayers are with the people of Boston...

Aubrey Plaza's 'To Do List' at the MTV Movie Awards: 1.) Steal statue

Aubrey Plaza at the 2013 Film Independent Spirit

(Credit: Andreas Branch)

Well, surely there is someone out there who believes that last night's stunt involving Aubrey Plaza and Will Ferrell at the MTV Movie Awards was completely unstaged, and completely nuts . . . And of course, I'm here to tell you: It wasn't. It was planned. Completely.

She's got a movie coming out, for heaven's sakes. It's called "The To Do List." You know this because she had it scrawled on her chest. When people have movies coming out, it is incumbent on them to do wacky things at the "MTV Movie Awards." What was clever about her stunt was the wonderfully blank look on her face, as though she were being robotically controlled.

Take it away, AP! Again!

Jonathan Winters: Remembering a comedic great

Comedian Jonathan Winters died at 87 on April

(Credit: AP)

Jonathan Winters, one of the comedy greats, has died at 87. He inspired many -- Robin Williams in particular comes to mind and Johnny Carson as well -- and graced a few dozen shows, notably “Tonight” and “Mork & Mindy.“ He was a brilliant, effortless comic and a masterful improv artist. Truly one of the greats. Here's a video gallery.




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'The Simpsons' do 'Breaking Bad,' 'Crystal Blue Persuasion'

"The Simpsons" take on "Breaking Bad" with a

(Credit: Fox)

Well, well, are 'The Simpsons' advocating the use of drugs? Or cupcakes? You be the judge! Check out this clip that was released Thursday, promoting Sunday's episode, which mashes up Tommy James and the Shondells' "Cyrstal Blue Persuasion" and "Breaking Bad." (James, by the way, never said it was about cyrstal meth -- but something or other biblical)

'Glee's' 'Shooting Star' school shooting episode: Too soon?

"Glee” is taking a little heat for Thursday's episode, “Shooting Star,“ in which Becky (Lauren Potter) brings a gun to school and shoots it off. CNN reached out to one Newtown parent — whose children were not killed in the Dec. 14 attack — who essentially says it's way too soon.

Check out the piece, which has a good clip of the controversial scene:


Sorry, haters: Lindsay Lohan was good on 'Anger Management'

Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan

(Credit: Getty Images)

"Anger Management,"  Lindsay Lohan, Charlie Sheen... What's wrong with this list? Surprisingly, at least for one night only, nothing actually. 

 My review: 

Yes, tacky. Really tacky. But what did you expect? It's FX's "Anger Management." Guilty as charged.

 But the surprise was that actress who made an extended cameo. You may have heard...

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Lindsay Lohan on 'Anger Management:' Take a look

Lindsay Lohan guests on "Anger Management" tonight and...well, why wait! A couple of clips...FX did not sent out a full episode for review, and you may interpret its reluctance to promote this any way you like... 



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Hofstra student stars in MTV 'Spring Fix' doc on Long Beach

Meet Michael Fallon, a Hofstra senior, journalism major and -- this week -- star of  MTVu's "Spring Fix" (opposite of "spring break"), in which he participated in the repair of a damaged Long Beach home.

 (MTVu? The MTV network that goes out to campuses, available to nine million kids nationwide.)

 Check out his piece, which is airing on the network all week:


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'Anger Management's' Charlie Sheen clears up Lindsay Lohan rumors

Charlie Sheen speaks onstage at the "Anger Management"

(Credit: Getty Images)

Lindsay Lohan - whom we compulsively cover in this space because it has become almost impossible not to - has a cameo on tonight's "Anger Management," and where Lindsay goes, stories invariably follow. Charlie Sheen addressed a couple of them on last night's "Tonight Show:"

'American Idol' to run live camera feed during commercials Thursday

"American Idol" judges are, from left, Nicki Minaj,

(Credit: Fox)

Yes, this is intriguing, though it really comes under the heading of  interesting gimmickry  and maybe it'll reverse the current ratings blahs: "American Idol" will go live during the commercial breaks Thursday night.

Don't worry! You'll still see the commercials because Fox will use split screen technology. And what will you, the viewer see? Doubtless the makeup artist...

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