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Yikes! Critics and 'Two Broke Girls' brawl

Kat Dennings, left, introduces Beth Behrs to the

Kat Dennings, left, introduces Beth Behrs to the art of thrift store shopping on "2 Broke Girls," on the CBS Television Network. Credit: Warner Bros. Television

Don't know about you, but the idea of a wild melee between mild mannered TV critics and TV showrunners like Michael Patrick King sounds like fun to me -- and apparently that's what just happened at a press tour in Pasadena, Calif. King even stalked off the stage when a critic tried to apologize -- no fists were thrown however so  "wild melee" is a bit of an overstatement . 

What's the beef? Ever since "Two Broke Girls" bowed, there's been a group of critics who have pointedly and repeatedly assaulted the sitcom over racial stereotypes -- most notably the portrayal of restaurant manger Han Lee by Matthew Moy -- whom you may remember from "No Strings Attached."  In any event, they repeatedly went after King while he was on stage at the tour this morning and he was not amused. This is -- let me tell you -- very unusual. Yes, critics will occasionally chastise producers about a character portrayal, especially if it's deemed insensitive to a minority, but usually these sessions are dominated by bland questions about the "genesis" of a show or "what attracted [actor A, B or C] to the role. "    

 Do these critics have a point with regards to Han? You be the judge. 

The first clip is Han from this past Monday's show; the second clip is a Matthew Moy demo reel; he's been around a while, and was in "Scrubs" a few years back. . . Note the character differences. King, in defense, says all the characters in the show are stereotypical to one degree or another, by the way. . .


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