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Two Super Bowl ads banned by CBS


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Two potential Super Bowl sponsors' advertisements were rejected by CBS, stirring quite a bit of controversy.

 They are ManCrunch, a gay dating site; and KGB, which enjoins people to text message questions to it, so that they don't sound like morons to their friends when they get into arguments at bars (although this ad would appear to negate that objective.) .

  You are probably wondering: What does it take for a network to reject your $2.8 million check.

  I was at least wondering that.  So, in the spirit of inquiry, here are the two ads that were rejected. If either KGB or ManCrunch wish to send their $2.8 million to Newsday, I am certain we would accept it...

  Meanwhile, I've also posted one of last year's Super Bowl winners. This scored off the charts on USA Today's day-after poll. Easy to see why...

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