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Tyler Grady: 'I didn't get constructive criticism'

Well, time for one more elimination and probably the one surprise of the evening. After Casey, Jermaine, Lee and Andrew all are told they’re safe, it comes down to Jim Morrison-wannabe (or is it Peter Brady-wannabe?) Tyler Grady and Alex Lambert -- who will probably never be confused for Adam Lambert, either for his looks or his vocals.

Ryan turns to Simon to choose who he thinks will go, and Judge Dread says, “Based on the vocals, Tyler.” While I’d agree that Alex has the better voice, it looked like Tyler had more fans. Well, guess not, since he’s a goner. Gotta give Tyler props for one thing: When asked about his “Idol” experience, he didn’t get all misty-eyed. Instead he was as sharp as most of his notes on “American Woman” and said, “I like all the judges, but I don’t feel like I got constructive criticism from them during Hollywood Week.” If only he’d been that honest with his performances.

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