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‘Uncle Buck,’ ‘Dirty Dancing,’ more TV shows based on ’80s movies


In "Uncle Buck," Mike Epps takes over as the hustling relative who's probably not the best choice to care for your kids.   Credit: ABC / Nicole Wilder

Mike Epps stars in ABC’s “Uncle Buck” (premiering Tuesday, June 14), based on the 1989 movie with John Candy in the title role. This marks the second time a broadcast network has tried to turn this particular property into a TV show — the first, which starred Kevin Meaney, aired from September to November 1990 on CBS and was lambasted by critics for its tasteless jokes, which seemed especially inappropriate for the show’s 8 p.m. airtime. Here are five other movies from the 1980s that were turned into TV shows:

DIRTY DANCING (CBS, 1988-89) Melora Hardin and Patrick Cassidy took the places of Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze in this short-lived attempt to cash in on the popularity of the 1987 movie set at a Catskills resort in the early 1960s.

FERRIS BUELLER (NBC, 1990) Charlie Schlatter starred as the title character, whose adventures took place in Santa Monica, California, and not the Windy City as did Matthew Broderick’s in the far superior 1986 movie, “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.” Someone named Jennifer Aniston played Ferris’ sister, Jeannie.

PARENTHOOD (NBC, 1990-91, and NBC, 2010-15) Like “Uncle Buck,” the 1989 Steve Martin movie has had two TV incarnations. The first was a confusing mess, while the second was a hit with both critics and viewers.

STARMAN (ABC, 1986-87) Robert Hays starred in this sequel to the 1984 Jeff Bridges film about an alien who fell in love with an Earthwoman.

WORKING GIRL (NBC, 1990) A relatively unknown actress named Sandra Bullock played Melanie Griffith’s spunky secretary from the 1988 film.

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