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"Undercovers:" Boris Kodjoe, Gugu Mbatha-Raw






  Get used to these names, friends.  

  Sight unseen, this is the It Show of fall 2010 and by association, they are too.

  Quick background: NBC picked up J.J.Abrams new show today; lot of trade press on this earlier. It's about spies, undercovers, husband-wife team...Etc.

  Beyond Abrams - a TV superstar, needless to say - we have these two stars in the lead.

  You may have heard of Boris, likely have. He was in "Soul Food," did some Broadway (actually a lot of Broadway) and is a former model. Not terribly well-known on TV beyond BET, his day has come. Of interest:  He was born in Austria...Gugu Mbatha-Raw? Not going to deceive you, dear reader, but I have never heard of her.

  Love the name, however.

  So: I have posted two clips. First, Boris.  Second, Gugu. She's a British actress, and you can see her in this clip of "Ordeal by Innocence," based on the old Agatha Christie who-done-it...




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