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Usher loses street cred on 'American Idol'; protege Justin Bieber pipes up, too

Usher is about to perform, but first -- Justin Bieber is in the "American Idol" audience looking very young. Ryan asks him what kind of influence has Usher had on him and Justin says he's "shaped who I am as an artist." 

Wow, Usher just lost major street cred! Lights are down, Usher strides down the steps, performing "OMG." It's, as always, totally mesmerizing, you just can't take your eyes off him. He's all in black with a hat and some odd boots. It's got a little touch of Broadway.

Crowd is just continuously screaming. It's an interesting performance, not sure if it's amazing or what, but people are definitely going to have an opinion. Early reviews on Twitter are a bit harsh.

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