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'V' and its visitors drop in on ABC again

THE SHOW "V," ABC/7, 10 tonight

REASON TO WATCH After a four-episode run in November, a revamped "V" is back.

CATCHING UP Last we saw of our "V's" - "V" is for visitor - was a vast fleet of spaceships, patiently hovering a light-year or so out in space. Waiting for what? Aah, wouldn't we like to know. Back on Earth, Anna (Morena Baccarin), queen of the V's, and her daughter, Lisa (Laura Vandervoort), have recruited Tyler (Logan Huffman) to become a so-called "peace ambassador," which means he's a dupe for whatever evil they have in mind. But the so-called Fifth Column - a group of V's who are fighting on behalf of the humans (maybe) - have scored a couple of wins. One of the rebel V's is Ryan Nichols (Morris Chestnut); he, FBI agent Erica Evans (Elizabeth Mitchell) and Father Jack Landry (Joel Gretsch) have blown up a supply of flu shots the V's have contaminated with ... aah, wouldn't we like to know.

THE PRODUCER SAYS Scott Rosenbaum, formerly with "Chuck" and "The Shield," was named new showrunner in November to reboot the series. He told the Los Angeles Times earlier this month, "I never was quite sure from the first four episodes what was really about, outside of just 'Visitors have come.' What I told about how I see it is that, at its spine, it's really about two mothers and how far that they're willing to go to protect their children."

TONIGHT No review copy was available, but: Erica is attacked at home (just as Jack was in church), while "a dangerous new member" is recruited by the resistance. Meanwhile, expect the Anna-vs.- Erica story line - mom vs. mom - to be pumped as Erica fights to get Tyler back.

MY SAY As the remake of a semiclassic 1983 NBC mini and semiforgotten NBC series ("V: The Series"), ABC's version was merely OK. It all felt too boilerplate, too hokey, too '80s for 2009. Enter Rosenbaum with a desire to pile on answers for viewers, stoke and complicate the human-interest side of this tale and stitch together some of the yawning gaps of logic and consistency. (And while you're at it, here's a personal request, Scott: Please pick up the far-too-languid pace.) Do all that and "V" stands for "victory" - for ABC.


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