Christie Marie Agronow up next on "American Idol," is a TV hostess for some Atlanta local show 411, big gestures and big energy. Acts out "Love Is a Battlefield," totally over-the-top; not good, but not horrible.

She seems to think she can emote her way to Hollywood, Simon just calls it a "terrible version of the song," Kara says "we have our own 411 for you, this shouldn't be your career." Simon says "it's more like 911, emergency."

Bunch of rejects all in a row. Last person of day one (fast!) is Vanessa Wolfe, in a bikini in her profile. They're playing up the hick/Kellie Pickler thing, she likes to jump off bridges to fill time. I like her, she seems very sincere, straight-shooter, no diva about her, "feels so trapped, wants to make something of herself." And is polite to her mom! 

And she can sing, a slightly twangy, different voice for her song, but it has drive to it. Kara calls it authentic, Simon says "there's something about you that I like... you're incredibly ill-prepared for this, very nervous," but says she stands out.

She gets all excited, cries in the elevator on the way down. "I'm going to Hollywood, I'm going to ride on an aero-plane." Runs out of the parking lot, sans shoes.

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