Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

VH1's 'Best Week Ever' canceled

"Best Week Ever,"  the long-running VH1 satire on pop culture, is over. The network pulled the plug earlier Wednesday. While this may be the real endpoint, "BWE" is a bit of a cat. It was canceled once before, then renewed. So .?.?. who knows. But for now, canceled.

A statement posted on Deadline, which (I believe) first reported this, says:

“'Best Week Ever' was a pioneer in pop culture commentary on television when it launched in 2004, delivering its signature blend of comedy and tongue-in-cheek opinions on the most entertaining news and pop culture stories of the previous seven days. The series also served as a national launchpad for many talented creatives and comedians. We thank them, and the viewers who tuned in each week.”

Speaking of "viewers who tuned in each week," I was not one of them. Sorry. But I knew it was there, poking holes in all the ridiculousness of "Scandal," finding something to laugh at in Kardashianworld (imagine), getting down on -- well, just getting down. You didn't have to always watch "BWE" -- but just knowing it was out there doing the dirty work that needed to be done was satisfaction enough.

Actually, you did need to watch BWE." You did not. I did not. Or not enough. That's why it's gone.

Sorry, "BWE."  You were appreciated.  

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