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Good Morning

Snow-day viewing: Six straight hours of vintage TV

From left ; Don Knotts as Deputy

 From left ; Don Knotts as Deputy Barney Fife, Ron Howard as Opie Taylor and Andy Griffith as Sheriff Andy Taylor.  Credit: AP

Escape the snowstorm by escaping into the past: Here are six consecutive hours of vintage TV shows you can watch to take you away from 2021.

Noon: "That Girl" (Antenna TV) — Ann and Don feel a terrific amount of personal pressure when she becomes his secretary.

12:30 "Friends" (TBS) — Joey gets emotional when Ross decides to move out of the old apartment.

1:00 "I Dream of Jeannie" (Antenna TV) — The very first episode: An astronaut finds a magic bottle on an island in the Pacific.

1:30 "Match Game" (GSN) — Where double entendres meet D-list celebrities and hilarity ensues.

2:00 "Bewitched" (Antenna TV) — Samantha's attempts to help a Scottish ghost lead to disaster.

2:30 "Bewitched" (Antenna TV) — A synthetic lawn sets off fights all over the Stephens' neighborhood.

3:00 "The Rifleman" (MeTV) — Lucas is accidentally responsible for the death of a young mountain boy.

3:30: "Three's Company" (IFC) — Mr. Roper's dirty trick prompts his wife to leave.

4:00. "The Andy Griffith Show" (TV Land) — Andy delivers a baby for a farmer's wife when the local doctor is unavailable.

4:30 "Three's Company" (Antenna TV) — Janet hires Jack to work in the flower shop.

5:00 "Adam-12" (MeTV) — The officers search for an alleged kidnapper, engage in a shootout and capture two hijackers.

5:30 "Who's the Boss?" (Antenna TV) — Tony is forced to reveal his hidden secret when Billy suggests they go swimming.

6:00 "The Flintstones" (MeTV) — A posh country club mistakes Fred for royalty.

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