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WABC vs. Cablevision: It's on!



  Just when you thought the Food Network battle with Cablevision was enough, now...this:

  Disney is threatening to drop WABC - or so says Cablevision - from its systems. No word on when or if this will happen, but...

 ...are you sitting down...

 ...the plug could be pulled at 12:01 a.m. Sunday.

  Don't bother looking at your calenders. That's about 20 hours before the Oscars kick off.

  Cablevision just released a statement.

  Here it is:

“It is shocking that in these difficult economic times, ABC Disney is threatening to remove WABC unless Cablevision and its customers pay $40 million in new fees for programming that it offers today for free, both over-the-air and online. It is not fair
for ABC Disney to hold Cablevision customers hostage by forcing them to pay what
amounts to a new TV tax. We urge ABC Disney not to pull the plug and instead work with
us to reach a fair agreement.”


“With the help of our viewers, we’ve built ABC7 into the most-watched station in the country, and have been trying for two years to get Cablevision to acknowledge the
station’s value to their business,” said Rebecca S. Campbell, president and GM, WABC.
“Despite our best efforts, it has now become clear that Cablevision has no intention of
coming to a fair agreement. We can no longer sit back and allow Cablevision to use our
shows for free while they continue to charge their customers for them. We’ve worked too
hard and invested too many millions of dollars in programming and community outreach,
to be taken advantage of any longer – especially since our viewers can watch their
favorite ABC7 shows free, over-the-air, or by switching to one of Cablevision’s




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