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'Walking Dead' rises with a soundtrack

How would you set the mood during the zombie apocalypse?

We'll get to hear early next year when the soundtrack album for "The Walking Dead" rises. And no -- this won't be one of those deadly dull collections with just the themes from the hit AMC show (like the one released in 2011). It will be something fans can really sink their teeth into, even as the midseason finale airs Sunday at 9 p.m.

Two singles from the soundtrack have already been released. The traditional folk dirge "The Parting Glass," sung by Beth and Maggie Green, the half-sister farmer's daughters portrayed by Emily Kinney and Lauren Cohan, aired on this season's premiere in October. Then on Nov. 11's "Say the Word" episode, Louisiana rock duo Baby Bee's "Love Bug" was featured, with the cool in-joke lyric: "I need to get bitten."

The rest of the tracks are being treated like that secret Jenner whispered to Rick at the CDC in season 1, but we are pretty sure The Zombies' "She's Not There" won't be on the Republic Records' soundtrack. No, she's not there because she was eaten. Duh.

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