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Watch Michelle Obama, Jimmy Fallon's shameless 'Evolution of Mom Dancing: Part 2'

On Thursday, April 2, Michelle Obama and Jimmy

On Thursday, April 2, Michelle Obama and Jimmy Fallon performed the "Evolution of Mom Dancing: Part 2," a homage to the embarrassing and classic dance moves of mothers . Credit: Tonight Show / YouTube

Michelle Obama and Jimmy Fallon have hit the dance floor yet again, bringing the second installment of new and embarrassing dance moves your mother does in the “Evolution of Mom Dancing: Part 2.”

The first lady returned as a guest on the “Tonight Show” Thursday night to promote #GimmeFive, her anti-childhood obesity campaign, and mark the five-year anniversary of her Let’s Move! campaign, according to NBC.

Obama and Fallon, wearing matching pink cardigans, performed the “You Go, Girl” and the ever-famous and relevant “Getting A Bag From Your Collection Of Plastic Bags Under The Sink” move -- something most families have witnessed.

Their performance ended with Fallon’s impersonation of the president’s dance skills, leaving Michelle Obama to do one thing: Mock the “Tonight Show” host’s own dancing. What better way to end the night than with the foot-hopping, finger-pointing dance moves of Jimmy Fallon?

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