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Wayne's World?...yes, Wayne's World (and Church Lady)

 "Saturday Night Live," which has been borderline brilliant in attracting attention to itself lately...and we will get around to mentioning Justin Bieber, who's been the same, in a bit...had a cold open worth repeating here, if only for old time's sake. Garth and Wayne have been gone many years, but given that "Beavis and Butt-Head" will be returning this summer, why not a return now? Dana Carvey had an appropriately triumphant return last night...

 The Beebs skit follows...Ah forget the Beebs. This has all put me in very nostalgic mood, having Carvey back last night. Why, I'll bet the last time he did Church Lady was before Beebs was even born. That follows...(In point of fact, Bieber is in that most excellent skit....)   

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