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'Wedding Band' review: merely OK

Meet the band: Brian Austin Green plays Tommy,

Meet the band: Brian Austin Green plays Tommy, lead singer of a Seattle wedding band, with guitar shredder Eddie (Peter Cambor), drummer Barry (Derek Miller) and bassist Stevie (Harold Perrineau). Credit: TBS

THE SHOW "Wedding Band"

WHEN | WHERE Premieres Saturday at 10 p.m. on TBS

WHAT IT'S ABOUT Brian Austin Green ("Beverly Hills, 90210") stars as Tommy, lead singer of Seattle wedding band Mother of the Bride. Tommy is "perma-single," which contrasts with guitar shredder Eddie (Peter Cambor, "NCIS: Los Angeles"), a husband and father of two who struggles to juggle his familial responsibilities with band gigs.

Eddie's brother, Barry (Derek Miller), plays drums and rigs a device that drops condoms when the band plays bar mitzvahs. Bassist Stevie (Harold Perrineau, "Lost") is the newest member.

MY SAY Saturday's premiere episode introduces the characters but doesn't give them much depth. The funniest dialogue comes not from any of the band members but from imperious event planner Roxie (Melora Hardin, "The Office"), whom Tommy wants the band to work with more often. Roxie's exchanges with her assistant, Rachel (Jenny Wade,) give the premiere its biggest laugh lines.

As for the show's placement on Saturday night, it appears that TBS sees an opportunity for series programming.

In recent years, cable networks have been more willing to put original programming on Saturday, but usually they opt for cable movies, like those that air on Syfy, Hallmark and HBO. TBS probably sees a market for a semi-raunchy comedy, and there probably is room for such a show -- but "Wedding Band" seems unlikely to be the series to break through.

BOTTOM LINE Not wild enough, not funny enough, "Wedding Band" comes off as merely OK entertainment.


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