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Welder Jesse Hamilton dies a thousands deaths on 'American Idol'

Amber Rose Price, 27, of Amite, La., waits

Amber Rose Price, 27, of Amite, La., waits outside the Georgia Dome in Atlanta after auditioning, June 18. Price was not selected. Photo Credit: AP Photo

Welder Jesse Hamilton, another deep South type, says he's almost died three times. They do "cheap dramatization" of each of his close calls, it's kind of funny... the one where he almost got run over by a speeding card was sponsored by Ford, I believe.

I don't believe he'll be good. He freezes, can't even remember how Garth Brooks' "The River" starts, Mary J. Blige is just laughing like crazy. Sings "Tomorrow Never Comes" instead, he's not horrible, actually -- bad voice, but pace is sincere and he's not grating.

Simon makes fun of him, he's just standing there waiting to hear what'll happen. "They tore me up, they crucified me," he matter-of-factly tells his family afterwards. They make fun of more people, and then another quick commercial.

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