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What if Ryan Seacrest married Kate Gosselin...?

TV host Ryan Seacrest watches warm ups before

TV host Ryan Seacrest watches warm ups before the Los Angeles Lakers and Oklahoma City Thunder play Game 5 of a first-round NBA basketball playoff series. (April 27, 2010) Credit: AP

 Play along with me here: What if Ryan, who is definitely straight (right?), and Kate Gosselin tied the knot?

  Beautiful! The kids would have their college tuition paid for several times over, and Kate could relocate from Pennsylvania to Malibu, and ...they could even launch a reality show called "Ry and Kate Plus Eight," which TLC would air, and everyone would live happily ever after...and TV writers would have something to write and blog about for at least another decade or two.

  This probably won't happen, but it could: This morning, on Ry's radio show, "On Air," ABC Entertainment chief, Steve McPherson, officially - or more likely, half jokingly - asked Ry to be the next Bachelor. Ry, meanwhile, was chatting with Ellen K about the feasibility of having Kate Gosselin as The Bachelorette - an idea  he and she heartily endorsed.

  Mac said the idea was splendid, then added, "I think the bigger thing [is] that I would like to officially to be the next bachelor."

  So: Let us recap. Ry wants Kate on the show. Mac wants Kate and Ry on the show. If somehow Kate and Ry get on the same edition - long shot, I know - then maybe somehow they'll fall in love and all my dreams will come true.

  Ry and Kate, together, at last. Years of blog posts and Newsday stories.

  (A fella can dream, can't he?)


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