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What's the spoiler in Will Smith's 'Seven Pounds'?

Will Smith did a knockout job in the emotional film "The Pursuit of Happyness" and now he's starring in another heart-tugging film just in time for the holidays.

In "Seven Pounds," he portrays a mysterious man (Ben Thomas) who survived a horrific crash that killed seven people. He spends the rest of the film attempting to atone for his involvement in the crash by helping to save the lives of others. It seems a bit gloomy doesn't it? Is this a film we'll want to watch during the holidays? So much for holiday cheer!

Newsday's Rafer Guzman offers his take on the film:

"As Ben doles out salvation, choosing the righteous from the undeserving, he presumptuously plays God. He sees bravery in suicide, rather than in sticking around to do the hard work of living. And his seven victims are never humanized; they're mere abstractions, seven pounds of flesh that allow Ben to play the martyr and jerk our tears."

There's been a lot of press about this film, yet many of you still don't know what the "seven pounds" is all about. And the movie trailer isn't any help either. What is the big secret? The Internet is abuzz with searches for "seven pounds spoilers" and "what is seven pounds ending." Revealing the mystery would likely spoil the movie right? Well, I believe I know the answer, or at least the rumored one, and I will share it with you ... in the form of our final Daily Question.

Yes, the DQ is going to take a dirt nap. In its place will be something even more fun and interesting for you to enjoy.

So here's the final Daily Question: What is the "seven pounds" in Will Smith's movie?

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