Good Evening
Good Evening

Where's Andy Rooney?

Come on!  You were wondering the same thing last night, when "60 Minutes" wrapped and once again, no Andy Rooney. What gives? There's been a pattern here the last few months, of Andy on one week, then Andy off the next week, and so forth and so on. But I am reliably told that there is nothing to worry about, Rooney fans, of which I am a leading one: "60  Minutes" had to "crash" -- industry lingo for put together very, very quickly -- a lead story on Japan, and when a show crashes a piece, it pretty much robs a magazine news program of its ability to determine exactly when it will end. (And shows must end on time.) As a result, Rooney's commentary got cut. This is the second week in a row this happened, and the second week in a row "60" had to crash. He will be on next week -- if "60" doesn't have to crash another big piece.

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