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80° Good Afternoon

Where's Andy Rooney?

Come on!  You were wondering the same thing last night, when "60 Minutes" wrapped and once again, no Andy Rooney. What gives? There's been a pattern here the last few months, of Andy on one week, then Andy off the next week, and so forth and so on. But I am reliably told that there is nothing to worry about, Rooney fans, of which I am a leading one: "60  Minutes" had to "crash" -- industry lingo for put together very, very quickly -- a lead story on Japan, and when a show crashes a piece, it pretty much robs a magazine news program of its ability to determine exactly when it will end. (And shows must end on time.) As a result, Rooney's commentary got cut. This is the second week in a row this happened, and the second week in a row "60" had to crash. He will be on next week -- if "60" doesn't have to crash another big piece.


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