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Who could (ever) replace Reeg?

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos attend the launch

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos attend the launch party for "The World Of Gloria Vanderbilt" at the Ralph Lauren Women's Boutique in Manhattan. (Nov. 4, 2010) Credit: Getty Images

 Regis Philbin: One in a million, or perhaps billion. Who could ever hope to replace the grand master of morning schmooze?

  Consider the qualifications: You must be very likeable; able to talk about anything; tell stories about shopping for milk and make it sound like the most fascinating shopping expedition in the world; be lighthearted even when you feel like hell; get along well with Kelly, even when you don't feel like getting along with Kelly; be a real New Yorker, and not someone from say Dubuque...

  There are more qualifications and I'm sure they'll come to me. But in the meantime: Who?

  Some possible names:

  Mark Consuelos: Logical choice; attractive guy; good talker; knows Kelly very well; has an ability to quip...drawback: Knows Kelly maybe too well, but the idea is still kind of interesting. (No, the show would not be re-named "Pillow Talk.")

 Jeff Probst: Of course "Survivor" isn't forever, and he has mused about leaving, even if he did sign a new contract (fairly recently). Lots of positives with this choice. Drawbacks: As likeable as Jeff is, he can be just the teensiest bit bland. He's  not an ironically detached guy, which I think  it kind of important when matched with someone like Kelly who is ironic in her own Kellyesque way.

 Bryant Gumbel: I like this idea, and like Gumbel, but alas may be the only one. Most people find Bry a large ice cube. I see what they mean - but, he is very bright, excellent at live TV, knows lot of stuff, appears to get along with Kell. 


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