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Why is 'House' really ending? Hugh Laurie has an idea...

Hugh Laurie is nominated for lead actor in

Hugh Laurie is nominated for lead actor in a drama series for his role in "House." Credit: FOX

"House's" House - Hugh Laurie - has taken violent exception to a New York post item yesterday which led with a headline that he was "sick" of going to work, hence putatively the real reason why the show was ending this May.

 He subsequently released a statement - which is now posted at - reading in part, 

Some newspapers, obviously dissatisfied by the statement we released last week, have suggested that "the truth" — a modern journalistic shorthand for "not even remotely the truth but it's creepy enough so let's go with it" — behind our joint decision was that I was sick of going to work. The evidence for this was a remark I made five years ago about a different subject. Let me say unequivocally that I love my job, and work harder at it than most journalists work at theirs. As we explained in our press release, we were trying to preserve some of the character's mystique; we never wanted to over-stay our welcome.

 (So exactly what was he "sick" of all those years ago? Hard to say, but he did tell the press in 2006 that he wanted to lose the cane - sick and tired of hobbling around the set with it...)

  Laurie did in fact speak to  Jane Mulkerins of the Telegraph just after the show announced that it would end this May. In the published interview, none of his comments suggest he's sick of the character or show (see below)...By the way, Laurie has never made a secret of his weariness with the cross-Atlantic commute, especially leaving his kids and wife behind in England, so none of this is shocking...(Nevertheless, he does seem to be massively overreacting to an item - an item! - that no one save him paid any heed to...)

"There are very few things in life that are so deliciously enjoyable that you want to do them for 16 hours a day, every day - including sex and fine dining...We are on such a conveyer belt and it can get overwhelming....It's not the playing the character over and over again [that can get a bit much], it's the coming to work over and over again. You know, we have done 170 episodes now, I think. That's about 50-60 feature films-worth. You want a break, you really do..."The financing of all TV shows is dictated by finding an audience between 18 and 49," he said. "I have now passed beyond 49, so probably, I am no longer a desirable commodity for TV. And I am at peace with that, that's fine."


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