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Why 'Skins' got skunked

MTV's remake of the Brit series "Skins" will never be back -- ever. Canceled yesterday. No surprise. Ratings were bad. Advertisers abandoned the show when those viewers disappeared -- but they pretended it was all over racy content. Like racy content ever kept advertisers out of shows (see: "Jersey Shore").

A final say on "Skins?" It was a foolish mistake by a network that throws a whole lot of things at the wall to see what sticks. Most stuff doesn't stick. This didn't. Should it have? Of course not. It was a not a particularly good show on any level. Nor is "Hard Times of RJ Berger" -- and it's sticking.

What happened here was a miscalculation that you could take a British series with very specific interests in British social and economic and sexual and societal mores and simply transplant it here!

The show wasn't pornographic per se, but it certainly pushed boundaries, even if it claimed the pushing was in service was making points about the passage of youth. In fact, what ultimately happened is that the show never really demonstrated a sense of what American youth was about, so divorced was it from current music, current concerns, current everything. (First couple of episodes actually just took the dialogue of 3- or 4-year-old British episodes and put it into the mouths of American actors).

There was a big controversy, certainly, over the casting of a boy -- age 17 -- who revealed his naked backside when running down the street. That gave advertisers an out -- and out they went. 

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