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Wild, late group night on 'American Idol' stars Mary Powers, Maddy Curtis, Michael Lynche

Group night on 'American Idol' Hollywood round -- my favorite show of the year. 'Mighty Rangers' is a bunch of the Denver contestants, Maddy Curtis is the only one I really remember from it.

Groups are rehearsing, 'Dreamers' group -- when did they start naming these things?! -- may wanna drop Erin and Hope, Mary Powers take over Ryan tells us. Paige Miles and Thaddeus Johnson are looking for space.

Jessica Cunningham and Liz are together, 'Destiny's Wild' is annoying some other groups cause they're so loud. They wind up right next to some other group, 'Neapolitan,' allegations of copying fly back and forth.

'The Phoenix' is rehearsing in a closet, one of their members who was here last year with Adam Lambert is trying to lead.

2:30 a.m., smart contestants should be asleep. Michael Lynche is talking to his wife, who's about to give birth.

People are starting to go to bed, 'Mighty Rangers' one of the groups who are still up. They start heading off to bed, the 'Dreamers' is having problems.... Given the lateness of the hour, maybe they should've been called 'the Nightmares'?!

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