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EntertainmentTV, David Cook, Harry Connick, Jr. entertain on 'American Idol'

The best four finalists ever on “American Idol” are going to be chopped to three tonight — and they remind us right off the bat about how good they are with a rousing version of Beyonce's “Crazy in Love.“

It's pure energy flying around the stage, with strong vocals from everyone. Rare that a group sing meshes as well as this; even the choreography is inspired.

David Cook, season seven's champ, is back on the show. He was one of my favorite contestants, was creative every week, never knew how he'd reinterpret the songs. And since then has raised a bunch of money to help fight brain cancer, which took his brother's life.

Singing “Laying Me Low" -- jaunty beat, interesting lyrics. Total pro, always good to hear him. next, performing “Bang Bang.“ They show it in black and white to start, which fits the fact it's on the “Great Gatsby” soundtrack. Pretty fun song; audience is roaring throughout.

Harry Connick, Jr. goes from guest mentor to performer next. Singing “Every Man Should Know.“ Not my cup of tea so it doesn't really do anything for me; but he's a good performer, sincere and at ease up on stage.

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