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Will Olbermann work at Fox? What do you think?

 Of all the possible employment combinations or possibilities that may present themselves to Keith Olbermann after his 6-month no compete ends, surely none seem more remote or implausible than a stint at a Fox network. Yet Neil Cavuto asked Rupert Murdoch that very question yesterday. Murdoch - who launched his iPad newspaper, the Daily, on Wednesday - had some other iinteresting things to say. (Comcast/NBCU...? "It's OK...") But what did he say in response to the Olbermann question. Hint: It wasn't, "sure!  All if forgiven! All the thousands of diatribes against me and Fox News and Roger Ailes - what did he call him once, Jabba the Hut? All those blistering assaults on Bill O'Reilly, and my ethics, and my journalism? Never happened!!" No, Rupert did not say this. Watch:


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