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Will Simon Cowell leave "Idol?" More developments...





  Looking more and more like Simon Cowell will indeed leave "American Idol" after next season.

  For..."The X Factor."

  The NYT got a hold of a brief comment  on Tony Cowell's radio commentary - Tony's SiCo's older brother - that said the "press release" was being readied, and so forth.

  It all confirmed what we had here last week, based upon a Times of London story that said he was in fact gone, and would work on establishing "The X Factor" over here, and probably on Fox too.

  Do I believe any of this? Of course. I'd be shocked if he actually agreeed - by this point - to an additional season on "Idol." We all gotta get ourselves ready: Simon will probably be off of "Idol" after next season. Then it's on to the "Factor."

  Time to prepare obits for "Idol?" Hardly, but also hard to imagien the show without him. I'll play with this thought in some later blogs today.

  Meanwhile...."Rage Against the Machine's'" old protest anthem  "Killling in the Name of" has officially toppled the winner of the most recent season of Britain's "The X Factor," Joe McElderry.

  This is kinda big news in the U.K., because every year, the winner of "X Factor" in the U.K. is crowned, and reliably, all the old lovely tea-sipping biddies go out and buy the winner's record, because Simon has told them to.

  Not this year! A couple of kids in the U.K. had had it! No more SiCo telling US WHAT TO DO!  They dusted off "RATM's" "Killing" - which anarchists love to play whenever they decide to protest events like the World Economic Summit, or what have you.

  I've posted that for you, as well as an audition of McElderry's  below that. 

  This way you'll get a flavor for just how wonderfully absurd this victory is - RATM's old hit, with that classic line, "and now you do what they told ya, now you're under their control" - and McElderry's packaged pop sound.

  Simon initially was not amused - called the whole campaign stupid.

  Now, he's mulling an invitation from ROTM's Tom Morello, to host a concert next year...



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