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Winter TV preview: 23 shows to watch

Timothy Hutton in the 11-episode murder mystery

Timothy Hutton in the 11-episode murder mystery "American Crime." Credit: ABC / Bill Records

Remember the days of clear-cut TV seasons, when all the big premieres happened in the fall?

They seem like a distant memory to us, too.

This winter sees more than 20 television shows debuting, many of them high-profile. "Empire" centers around a narcissistic music mogul, portrayed by A-list actor Terrance Howard. And then there's the "Breaking Bad prequel "Better Call Saul," murder mystery "American Crime" with Felicity Huffman and many, many more.

Check out the list of must-see TV for the winter, from the serious ("Babylon") to the not-so ("Donny Loves Jenny"), and happy 2015 to all of us small-screen junkies.

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