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Worthy fall TV? 'Nashville,' 'Elementary,' 'The Mindy Project'...

Actors Bill Hader and Mindy Kaling star in

Actors Bill Hader and Mindy Kaling star in the upcoming new fall series “The Mindy Project.“ Credit: Fox

What's worth watching this fall? That's usually the question -- the only one -- most readers (er, viewers) want answered at the end of any TV press tour, which ends today. The answer is usually "plenty," but that's not helpful is it? Here's a handy list, in order, of what looks good/interesting/fun for the fall. An asterisk here: The list does not and cannot include potentially interesting midseason shows like "The Goodwin Games” or "The Following” (as examples) from Fox. So let's have at it!

1.) "Nashville.” (ABC) Intriguing soap about dueling country divas; very nice looking pilot and compelling premise.

2.) "Elementary.” (CBS) Definitely want to check out this modern day Sherlock Holmes, with Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu.

3.) "The Mindy Project." Fox's new Mindy Kaling comedy. I think this is probably the best of the new comedies out there.

4.) "Last Resort.” (ABC) Andre Braugher, sub captain, who bucks the system and saves the world. Premise is disturbing but still something you'll want to check out.

5.) "666 Park." Yes! ABC again! Lots of new stuff on ABC which is indicative of a network in rebuild, but from a viewers' perspective, that's all good. Terry O'Quinn in this devil-made-me-do-it chiller-thriller. 

6.) "Revolution." NBC's big new drama and all you kind of have to remember is ... the lights go out. Everywhere. This about a power outage even greater than the recent Indian one. It's post-apocalyptic with an interesting counterintuitive (for TV anyway) message: Hey! Maybe we don't need juice! Maybe we don't need to watch TV all the time! 

7.) "Ben and Kate." 'Nother fun Fox newcomer; about a sis and her nutty bro.

8.) "Animal Practice." The monkey. You will always, forever and a day, remember the monkey.

9.) "Arrow." The CW is in re-build, too, and so there's plenty to check out here as well (including its "Beauty and the Beast” remake), but start with "Arrow." There are some athletic/balletic moves that will leave you wondering, "How'd he do THAT?"

10.) "Partners" and "The New Normal." Tie! TV's new gay sitcoms from CBS and NBC, respectively. Casts in both are very good but the pilots are kind of mundane. The former from the guys who brought you "Will and Grace," the latter from guy who brought you "Glee." Worth checking out anyway.

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