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'X Factor's' Auto-Tune fallout

 You've heard by now (I imagine) of the percussive blowback from the weekend revelation that "The X Factor" did indeed Auto-Tune a contestant on the season premiere to clean up her pitch and smooth some bridges -- or whatever the heck it is Auto-Tune does so niftily. Fans were shocked-shocked that gambling (so to speak) was going on at "X Factor," and now of course, it's got everyone wondering how many other Simon Cowell-assembly-line pop-idol wannabes were cleaned up in the taped version of the show in past seasons. (No one, apparently, has yet invented a machine that can clean up a live performance, but by God, it's coming, right?) I've posted Gamu Nhengu's performance -- the one that was apparently 'tuned, in which "Factor" had to admit that in fact it was 'tuned ...

  Questions? I've got a few:

 - Is this the first time it's happened on the show? (Ha. What do you think?)

 - Ever crept into "Idol"?

 - Will Fox allow 'tuning on the U.S. version?

- Finally, does any of this matter? Let me elaborate a bit on this last question. I don't think it matters all that much, for everyone does/should know that reality TV is not real at all, and if it's not "real" in any significant way, than why should audio enhancements be considered anathema? It would be one think if "Factor" Milli-Vanillied its way through songs, but an audio application that is used by just about every pop band on the planet is suddenly verboten? A suggestion to those outraged ... Don't watch.

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