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Yo, 'Carfellas'! Nice wheels

Mario selling to male customer at Broadway Motors

Mario selling to male customer at Broadway Motors in Discovery's "Carfellas" Photo Credit: Discovery Channel/Mark Farrell


WHEN | WHERE Monday night at 10 and 10:30 on Discovery

REASON TO WATCH Whadd, you kiddin' me? This is one colorful [bleep] car show! An' it's in Amityville!

WHAT IT'S ABOUT Talk about an apt title. "Carfellas" aces the atmosphere among the made-for-prime-time guys at Route 110's Broadway Motors used-car stop. There's boss man Mikey D (DeLucia), who admits to a previous life moving in a made world and doing "things I'm not proud of," landing him three years in the joint. Danny DeVito-shaped Tommie Romola was his right-hand man and "muscle." Car-brain Mario Visone is their stayed-straight friend, boasting about his year and a half of college.

So in tonight's premiere / preview (no regular time slot announced), there's yellin' and gripin' and smokin' cigars at $19 molded plastic tables. Plus big gold crosses. And cannolis.

But "Carfellas" doesn't just stay on the lot. Tommie takes a trip home to Brooklyn for some cruisin' and schmoozin' -- and some cars. Finding a "classic car wonderland" at Lenny's Garage, he tries to wheel and deal a beaut for the Amityville lot.

MY SAY Whoa, da cars! A baby-blue big-fin '64 Caddy, '68 (and '69) Camaros, and an old police paddy wagon that gives Mikey flashbacks. On-screen graphics fill us in on the vehicles' features and values, while these big guys' big reactions make us laugh. Out loud.

Da fellas! Did they call Central Casting or what? This is what everybody west of the Hudson figures New York Italians act and sound like. Also what Long Islanders hear every day ("That Belt Parkway's a nightmare"). It doesn't hurt that the three stars act more relaxed and authentic than most other reality participants.

Discovery obviously has faith: It's offering this "sneak peek" right behind 9 p.m.'s much-hyped return of "American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior."

BOTTOM LINE They'll be back.



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