Good Morning
Good Morning

You won't have Glenn Beck to kick around any more ... or?

Well, America, that's it. The end. The big end-o. The fat-lady-has-sung moment. Glenn Beck leaves the stage, until this September, when he launches his new Internet two-hour show. 

But I offer this question on a quiet Friday morning: Might there be something else in his future? Something grander, gaudier, something called a "presidential run?" I remain one of those fully unconvinced of the reasons, oft stated, for his departure. In this clip below, he actually refers to a piece I did -- not by name of course -- and labels it "stupid," for its failure to adequately vet his stated (oft, as I noted) reasons for leaving,

 That he tired of cable...

 That it was too self-limiting...

 That he was weary of the commercial breaks...

 That -- as he said Thursday -- his show is a "movement," and it's effectively too big for TV!

 I've never heard that one before.

But why can't this departure free him up for a run at the White House; he wouldn't lead the charge, but he'd be running mate to Sarah Palin. This speculation has been out there for months, and it very well may be baseless - probably is! - but great fun to think about. The two of them would energize the far right and maybe even get the party base on the move again. Think of it! The Palin/Beck ticket.

Maybe nol so far-fetched as you might think...

Here's the clip. "I read a story today in the paper and they wanted to know the real reason why I'm leaving . . . I'll give it to. The press is gonna look stupid again..." 

It appears nine minutes in.


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