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Young group does a great version of Duffy's 'Mercy' on 'American Idol'

Loud Alisha Bernhardt and her dramatic group up next on "American Idol," Christian Lopez starts them off on a weak version of Sugarland's "Stuck Like Glue" with Samantha Novack and Alisha not doing much to help the cause, it's just boring and not very well done.

Randy Jackson says "a little rough around the edges" -- and then they all get cut.

Area 451 practicing, and then one of their members, Imani Handy, pass out too. Wow, what is going on this year.... Ryan Seacrest says she's exhausted; seems to be okay once she sits up.

Ariel Sprague and her young groupmates do a soulful version of Duffy's "Mercy," Eben Franckewitz is great, as is Gabi Carrubba. it's really good, the best thing we've heard so far today. David Leathers and his sweet voice give way to Jeremey Rosado bringing it home, everyone's loving it.

"You're all through to the next round!" says Randy Jackson.

Imani wants to join them but falls again, looks pretty weak but insists she wants to do it. Bryce Garcia starts them on "Broken Strings" but can't remember the words, nobody's helping him out; but then he picks up some steam.

Kristi Krause dreails things, Imani sings next and seems fine, putting her all into it, but then loses some words and then she faints on stage. Her mom comes running out, other contestants are a bit freaked out -- and they cut to commercial.

Back from break, she seems ok; judges are deliberating, group wasn't singing that well, everyone forgetting words. Johnny Keyser moves on but the rest are cut -- including, as my sharp-eyed colleague Glen Gamboa saw, Dix Hills' own Bryce Garcia.

They show a bunch of others getting cut -- including Symone Black, who fell off stage in last week's episode.

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