THE SHOW "Young & Hungry"

WHEN | WHERE Premieres tonight at 8 on ABC Family

WHAT IT'S ABOUT Young and cute. And perky. And rich. With superfab San Fran digs. And now, gosh golly, each other.

That's Emily Osment, playing a wannabe personal chef who needs to pay her bills, and Jonathan Sadowski, as a tech whiz who needs a personal chef. Faster than you can say "She's blond and sweet, he's nice and sensitive," boom -- they're in the same crib, along with his frank black housekeeper (Kym Whitley) and haughty Asian man Friday (Rex Lee), who also serves to snipe at Our Heroine.

MY SAY "Young & Hungry" is familiar and bland, another paint-by-numbers next step for girls to whom Disney Channel sitcoms are now soooo sixth grade. It's expediently diverse, name-check savvy (Tegan and Sara) and consumer aspirational (the pilot's primary object of affection is a black Amex card).

What this show isn't: fresh, witty or even well constructed. The tech whiz has a "lucky suit" and a shallow girlfriend. Osment's plucky chef "wanted to make tarts, not be one." It's also not a show with a reason to exist.

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BOTTOM LINE Get your ampersand fix from "Melissa & Joey."