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Youngest group gets standing ovation on 'American Idol'

James Durbin and his group are up next on "American Idol." They're pretty horrible on "Somebody to Love," except for him and his high, big notes.

"Harmonies were almost painful, it was like a bad 'Glee' audition or something," Jennifer Lopez says. Only two, including James, move on.

Same song, sung by 15 and 16-year-olds next, turned into something totally different, more poppy and clean and bright -- harmonies are great and they get a standing ovation from the judges and from the audiences.

"They just gave the performances of their life right there," Lopez says. "Delicious" says Steven Tyler as the praise pours on.

They all make it through. None of them have really been featured up to this point, so looking forward to more. 


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