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Zoanette Johnson 'a mess,' Breanna Steer pretends to be Beyonce on 'American Idol'

Zoanette Johnson up first as "American Idol" cuts from 10 women to five and fans get to vote for the first time this season. She's doing a growly version of "What's Love Got To Do With It," with her usual energy -- but it seems forced, even angry. She's off key as well; not good.

Keith Urban says, "that was an interesting song choice," thinks her theatrical way of singing may not have "worked the best" for this song. Nicki Minaj is more direct -- "that wasn't it." Tells her, "with this particular song you really have to be on key and stuff."

Randy Jackson says, "honestly, that was a mess, babe." Mariah Carey talks about everything but her song before concluding, "this wasn't my favorite performance that you've done."

Breanna Steer is next, singing "Flaws and All." She's in command of the stage; simple, pure singing, doesn't move from her spot -- just letting her voice do the work. Has an arrogance, a diva-esque quality to her that could be annoying but for now seems to fit. Nothing amazing -- she's just trying to makes us think of her as Beyonce -- but well-done.

Urban loves her, just wants her to "find a song that takes you more into your own place" instead of "being another Beyonce, because there's already a Beyonce." Minaj gives her some tough love, says "this was the absolute wrong song for you, you sounded like you were straining" the entire time. Jackson wanted more "big moments," liked it but calls it "a little safe." Carey doesn't know how she feels, just rambles on and on; bit awkward.

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