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Ving Rhames wins best actor Oscar for 'Piranha 3D'

Ving Rhames in a scene from the movie

Ving Rhames in a scene from the movie "Piranha 3D."

Not really -- it's a video that's just been posted on "Funny or Die." And here's the funniest part: This year has been so gawd-awful for movies that it might end up being true.

In fact, "Piranha 3D" has gotten largely positive reviews. At the website RottenTomatoes, the self-mocking horror-comedy flick has been rated at 75 percent, which puts it higher than the woulda-been blockbuster "Iron Man 2," the sensitive Ben Stiller drama "Greenberg" and the topical Iraq War thriller "Green Zone."

Over at the slightly higher-brow, "Piranha 3D" scored a 53 -- still better than "Eat Pray Love."

There have been so few Oscar-worthy films this year that the Academy may have to start scraping to find 10 nominees for the best picture list. At this point, the only obvious contenders that come to mind are "Inception" and "Toy Story 3." And although we aren't yet into fall, when the studios tend to roll out their Oscar hopefuls, the pickings still look slim. (Bright spots include the Coen Brothers' re-do of "True Grit" and David Fincher's "The Social Network.")

Check out the possibly prescient video here, though be aware that it contains brief profanity.

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