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We'll miss most of you, Will Forte

Actor Will Forte attends the re-release of The

Actor Will Forte attends the re-release of The Rolling Stones' "Exile on Main St." album at The Museum of Modern Art. (May 11, 2010) Credit: Getty Images

Will Forte announced Thursday that he's leaving the cast of "Saturday Night Live," generating the most amount of headlines including his name since, well, since probably forever (including the April release of "MacGruber").

Out the door with Forte go a number of characters we've grown to appreciate over the years, and a few we're happy to see go.


MacGruber: The most obvious and well-known character in Forte's repertoire, it was always funny. Even when it was stupid, it was funny. The best part was how his theme songs for each skit would escalate the story to something extremely crazy.

Greg Stink: Among the best fake mustaches in "SNL" history. Who is going to play opposite Jason Sudeikis' "Pete Twinkle" for their broadcast skits of women's sporting events on ESPN Classic? This must be addressed immediately because "Pete Twinkle" is the best sportscaster since Vin Scully.

Jeff Montgomery: Sex offenders aren't exactly atop the "SNL" list of politically correct characters, but he was hilarious when trying get neighbors to sign his sex offender registry when he was masquerading on Halloween. Again, a solid fake mustache.

Jon Bovi: Once again, a great fake mustache. Once again, a tag-team effort with Sudeikis. Anyone can do a Bon Jovi opposite band, wrong?

Promotional Street Vendor: Far easier to replace as the guy who's hocking items for a particular company when Justin Timberlake hosts, but still. He was amusing.



Tim Calhoun:  He was a nervous, dimly-lit wannabe politician who always read off of index cards on "Weekend Update." Pretty much the reason DVRs were invented.

The Falconer: Never understood this one about a woodsman and his falcon.


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