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What are the odds? Lindsay Lohan's stint in jail

Now that Lindsay Lohan has been sentenced to 90 days in jail -- did you see the obscenity printed on her nails? -- it's time to weigh the odds of when she'll get out of the slammer.

Non-violent first offenders typically serve less time and Lindsay definitely fits the bill. So, how long will it be? The folks over at have placed odds on the actress' exit and say she'll get out in less than 22 days.  

YouWager's odds in detail:

Total time Lohan spends in jail Over/Under 21.5 days?  
Under 21.5 days                         62.5%  

Over 21.5 days                          56%   

I'm willing to bet she'll go past the 30 day mark. What's your take? In the meantime, keep your head up Lindsay! Things can't get any worse or can they?

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