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'Wilfred' recap: building 'Resentment'

Chris Klein as Drew (left) and Elijah Wood

Chris Klein as Drew (left) and Elijah Wood as Ryan in the episode "Resentment" from FX's "Wilfred." Credit: FX

The "most important and shortest" walk of Wilfred's life will happen during Jenna's wedding as the ring-bearer.

Drew hustles Ryan over while they both hang out in their respective front yards and asks for "inspiration" in writing his vows. The inspiration he finds is in Ryan's basement, bubbling in a plastic bottle.

Taking advantage of his sobriety, Ryan asks Drew about the imperfections in his and Jenna's relationship and he reveals that his fiance had cheated on him. In the midst of the confession, Drew suggests Ryan to be Wilfred's co-ring bearer. After his initial dismissal, Drew puts on a pouty face Michelle Tanner would envy.

Ryan agrees, but plans to back out later. Friends do that, right? After revealing his jealously over his neighbor's relationship, Ryan tosses Drew's wedding ring to Wilfred, which he instinctively swallows like a cheeseball tossed at him.

After failed attempts to release the ring through the other end, Wilfred doesn't believe this was an accident and holds it in. That can't be good for you bowels.

"You wanted this to happen. You won't be satisfied until you ruin Jenna's wedding," he said.

But Ryan isn't the only one building resentment towards the couple. Wilfred fears Jenna's infidelity extends towards dogs, too.

During an impromptu meeting in the couples' garage, Wilfred stumbles in with a large bottle of whiskey in hand. His anger and demeanor, like one of a jealous and raging ex, causes him to trip over a shotgun which releases a bullet into Drew's leg. I don't know much about guns, but I know there must be a safety trigger that needs to be released before shooting. This occurence was a little too coincidental, perhaps too quick like a bullet to make any sense. Regardless, it is the shock value that gets the viewer without any need of understanding.

Wilfred runs away, but is found at a city compound and with company. A horse of a dog comes chasing after him, which releases the wedding ring waiting patiently in Wilfred's bowels. Their return home is greeted with news that Drew needs surgery the day of their wedding. Despite the obstacles, the couple decides to elope, but Ryan won't have it -- he offers to plan their wedding for them.

He reveals to Wilfred that he hopes to be lucky enough to find someone one day. A little too cliched for this show, but touching nevertheless. We later find him visiting Amanda at her apartment. I guess that's what weddings do to people. 

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