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'Wilfred' recap: 'Secrets' not to keep

Elijah Wood as Ryan in a scene from

Elijah Wood as Ryan in a scene from the season two finale of FX's "Wilfred," "Secrets." Credit: FX

Jenna's wedding is under way in Ryan's backyard, with Amanda as his plus-one.

Wilfred brings up an old drawing Ryan drew with his family and dog, Sneakers, only to find a mysterious addition of another pet in the background -- Wilfred. Impossible. I can only suspect this was a crude prank by the dog.

To avoid becoming a victim of another one of Wilfred's jokes, Ryan unleashes a Battlestar Galactica monologue that teeters on the existential side.

"This has all happened before. You're not the first Wilfred, Wilfred. Every time you die, you get resurrected," he said, adding that this was part of a "plan." All of which is said with such conviction, you believe him. But on a serious note, Ryan does believe Wilfred added the self-portrait.

Amanda shares that she and Wilfred hung out briefly a few days ago, but the dog denies it -- leading his friend to suspect that the drawing and the lies were a web of secrets led to make him believe in his insanity.

His old friend James attends the wedding, sharing news that over $10 million was stolen from their former company after formula secrets were sold and profits set up in an offshore account -- under Ryan's name. Following his suspicions with the drawing, Ryan suspects this was Wilfred's doing.

"Send you to jail? How would that benefit me? Without you, I would not exist," Wilfred said with such heartfelt belief, it would make you pity him.

Ryan decides to confess his secret to Amanda about Wilfred. The moment this thought arose, I felt an uncertainty as to whether this could not just be the season two finale, but perhaps the series finale. With no news as to whether the show could be picked up for season three, I felt this an (unfortunate) possibility.

To Ryan's relief (and probably everyone's surprise), Amanda reveals that Wilfred speaks to her, too.

"He helped me," she said. "Maybe it was part of his plan."

Plan? What is it about plans in this episode? 

Another surprise ensues when Amanda tells Ryan she sold the formula. $10.2 million is theirs now.

"I did it for us. Now we can be together forever, just like Wilfred promised," she said. Psycho.

Wilfred tells Ryan that he doesn't speak to her. Poor dog has been accused of more wrongdoings in this episode than any other. Ryan questions what Amanda hears from Wilfred, in which she fails to respond correctly. He advises her to turn herself in, which she does and is held for psychiatric evaluation.

After an eventful night, with no heavy emphasis on the wedding (thank goodness), Ryan notices an old photo with him and his mom. Panic attacks him as he takes a closer look at the picture and sees the drawing Wilfred brought up earlier -- revealing that maybe this wasn't a prank, that maybe Wilfred had been a part of his life for longer that he thought.


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