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'Wilfred' recap: the dog's meow

A scene from season two's "Wilfred" which airs

A scene from season two's "Wilfred" which airs on FX Thursdays at 10 p.m. At left, actor Elijah Wood and at right, actress Allison Mack. Credit: FX

"Dignity" opens up with Ryan at work — his cold, cinderblock-colored office with structured trousers and ties, symbolizing his transition from unemployed stoner to employed stoner, but who still talks to his neighbor’s dog.

Amanda enters his office again, cementing her recurring guest role and Ryan’s attention, and asks him to lunch. But Ryan upsettingly declines, as he is handed an excessive assignment by his uptight boss, Jeremy. When Ryan brings Wilfred into his office, everyone coos over the 6 foot tall dog as he rolls around and wags, especially his boss — who eases up on Ryan after meeting Wilfred.

But the most memorable part of the scene was the revisit into season one’s humor — that vulgar and precisely timed uncomfortable humor. Wilfred lays down on his back, in the position us humans would decipher as dog-wants-tummy-rub, and asks if anyone wants to see his genitals.

Amanda appears for another scene, but only briefly to share that her birthday will be coming up. As the main character’s love interest, we should expect her to have a more profound and prominent role in the show. Yet her appearances have been few and far between.

After Wilfred’s office appearances have gone stale, he attempts to resuscitate the endearing attention he once received, but instead causes chaos at the office.

“If I don’t do it, they’ll bring in the foosball table again!” Wilfred declares.

And, in the perfectly timed fashion that is only paired with cable television, Jeremy comes in with a sour face and shortens his deadline for Ryan's assignment.

Ryan slaves feverishly in the basement — the place where he and Wilfred used to hang out. No longer is the room musky and layered with smoke, but is now sprinkled with desk lamps instead of bongs. He decides to bring Wilfred to work again, to possibly lighten up his boss’ mood for an extension.

But Wilfred’s “cute” thunder is stolen by some guy named Ricky. Not much of his character is explored, save that he always has a mop out like a normal person would a cellphone. Ricky then walks into Wilfred and Ryan in the bathroom, as the latter consoles the former. Wilfred doesn’t hold back his anger as he lunges at Ricky’s face with his mouth. Any reference to Miami, “Wilfred” writers?

Ryan frantically tries to calm Ricky down. But Ricky has a proposition for him: he’ll keep the bite under wraps if Ryan does his job for him. This involves mopping floors and cleaning toilets, among other tasks. And he complies.

Afterward, Ryan asks his boss for an extension and is granted one, very suspiciously and without a fight. Curious, no?

After they leave, Wilfred runs back into Jeremy’s office for one last word. This is where we find Ricky behind Jeremy's desk on his knees, facing his boss and absolutely dumbfounded.

Cue complex cycle of blackmail, ploys and lies.

Pictured above: Elijah Wood and Allison Mack in a scene from the second season of "Wilfred" which airs on FX at 10 p.m. Thursdays.

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