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'Wilfred' recap: There's no 'Avoidance'

A scene from the episode

A scene from the episode "Avoidance." "Wilfred" airs every Thursday on FX at 10p.m. Credit: FX

This week’s theme is a doggie dance competition. In “Avoidance,” Wilfred and Ryan team up to compete. And, despite being two grown men, they both take the competition seriously – as we see with the montage of rehearsals, '50s jazz music and synchronized moves – dare I say, like a musical?

Ryan runs into an old friend from law school, James. He and Ryan had previously, and miserably, worked for Ryan’s dad with the intent to quit their jobs to pursue ownership in a new business. James holds back and takes a promotion from Ryan’s dad – thus rocking their friendship boat.

During a dance rehearsal, Ryan feels uncomfortable after healing Wilfred’s groin. The dog is oblivious to his friend’s feelings and continues encouraging rehearsals. Ryan, however, is reluctant to continue, violently shrugging off Wilfred whenever he makes a move.

Attempts are made to reconcile and continue dance rehearsals. Both parties had different views on the reward of the dance rehearsals, but are quickly relieved in a slapstick humor way – a lesson in the downfall of avoidance.

James and Ryan also reconcile – disclosing how Ryan’s dad was distraught after he left the firm. James had made attempts to share with Ryan the news, yet Ryan chose to ignore him. Lesson two in the downfall of avoidance.

In the end, the dance recital was missed. But with the magic wave of the Hollywood wand, their basement transforms into a Broadway-esque stage -- dazzled with lights, costume and an encouraging audience. Who knew Frodo had some Fred Astaire in him?

"Avoidance" drew on the classic confused characters in a sitcom -- perhaps even slightly riffed off "Three's Company," with the sexual innuendos crossed with naive confusion. 

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