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'Wilfred' recap: 'Truth' be told

A scene from the episode

A scene from the episode "Control." "Wilfred" airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. on FX. Credit: FX

Love is an evergreen topic that pulls at a universal string in everybody’s heart.

Despite seeing bits and pieces of Amanda, Ryan professes his love for her. And to his relief, she reciprocates. No time is wasted, as Ryan gives it the old college try and asks her to move in.

While he and Wilfred are in the basement straightening up, Wilfred shares with Ryan his doubts about his new roommate. Interesting, how they’re having this conversation in the basement – the foundation of their house, the place where Ryan’s dark past is hidden, the place where the dog and man hang out.

“These things will always be you,” Wilfred said as he looked around. “You think she can’t find them in the basement? You’re sharing your house with her. Sooner or later, she’ll find out all of it.”

After an earthquake, which Wilfred sensed with his animal awareness, Ryan is pinned under a bookshelf – only to be strangely rescued by Bruce, the only other man who can see Wilfred as Ryan does.

Bruce decides to blackmail Ryan with “the truth,” which is sealed in a suitcase. All three make a bet, which is settled in a series of games -- this involves things as simple as a "Truth or Dare" session to eating the other's hair. Ryan wins the key to the suitcase.

Cue dramatic music. Ryan slowly opens the suitcase to find a timer inside, which Ryan mistakes for a bomb. Over 12 hours is clocked on it, displaying how long Ryan has been playing a pointless game in the basement with the dog and Bruce. He's in denial now and rushes upstairs to see his furniture in tact -- despite the earthquake. This feels like the season one finale, where we discover the basement had been a coat closet, and discover we've been duped.

Amanda pulls up with her belongings, ready to embark on this momentous step. Ryan confesses he's not ready for the move, the relationship. She leaves heartbroken and we see Ryan looking out the window as Wilfred consoles her on the lawn. It's a first to see these roles switched.

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