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Youth in Revolt? Good not great

Actor Michael Cera attends Dimension Films' special screening

Actor Michael Cera attends Dimension Films' special screening of "Youth in Revolt" at Regal Cinemas Union Square. (Jan. 5, 2010) Photo Credit: Getty Images

Once and for all, it's time to end the unofficial Michael Cera Week on Pet Rock.

After hyping up Cera and Zach Galifianakis' movie two days ago, I made the trek out to Hicksville to see Youth in Revolt late last night. Thoughts? Meh.

Some of the dialogue was terrific. If you are nerdy or love nerds, (I fall into the former), you'll definitely find yourself laughing out loud several times. But after getting past the shock value of how insanely out of touch Cera's character is, you begin to realize that the plot line, although pretty fantastical, isn't, well, fantastic. (Are you following?)

Biggest complaint with the movie? Hate to spoil it, but Galifianakis' part is brief; he's in and out in about half an hour. (That's an estimate. I left my stopwatch at home.)

There are a few other cameos in the movie that give the flick some potential - I won't spoil them in case you plan on seeing it. Unfortunately, none of the appearances match up with Cera's performance - he was the highlight of an otherwise pedestrian film, whether he was typecast or not. (Okay, he was absolutely typecast, but that's beyond the point.)

Would I recommend hitting the theaters to see Youth in Revolt? If you're into 1970s teen-love movies, claymation, dig Frank Sinatra and love Michael Cera, do it - the film delivers it all. If you're looking for a repeat of The Hangover? You'll be disappointed.

Anyway, I think Mr. LaMonica and I have beaten the subject of Cera to death. Here's to mustaches.

Speaking of things you can't trust, a little cross-promotion before I head out - check out our Jets blog, The Boone Docks, at game time today ... yours truly will be taking you through the action with informed, clever commentary.

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