A former NYPD police officer charged with murdering his estranged wife and dumping her body in the woods in northern Westchester County was found guilty Monday afternoon, News12 reported.

Eddy Coello, 41, was convicted of second-degree murder in the slaying of Tina Adovasio, a nurse at Sound Shore Medical Center whose body was found by two teenagers near the Taconic State Parkway in Yorktown Heights on March 16, 2011, five days after she was reported missing.

The jury was only out for a few hours before returning with the verdict.

In the Bronx courtroom earlier in October, jurors heard testimony from a nurse who said Coello admitted the killing to her. Monica Rodriguez, with whom Coello had a child 19 years ago, before his marriage to Adovasio, said he admitted, "Yes, I did it," in response to a question from her. "We fought. I snapped. I'll probably get five to 20 years. Please be sure to take care of our daughter," Rodriguez quoted Coello as telling her.

Coello's attorneys don't deny he's responsible for the slaying but argued he never intended the crime to happen.

"He grabbed her arm. He lost it. He blacked out," said defense attorney Renee Hill during closing arguments Monday.

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Prosecutors from the Bronx district attorney's office have shown surveillance camera footage from Tina Adovasio's apartment building taken on the night she disappeared, showing Coello leaving the building while hoisting a heavy duffel bag. Tina Adovasio's 18-year-old son, Joseph, testified he believed his mother's body was in the bag Coello was carrying.

"It wasn't a fight," prosecutors said in court Monday. "This was a beating and a murder, plain and simple."

Coello, who had a history of domestic abuse allegations, was fired from the NYPD in 2000 after a domestic abuse claim involving another woman. Police arrested him on March 22, 2011, the same day Adovasio, 40, was buried. She left behind four children.

It was not immediately known when Coello's sentencing would be.