FAIRFIELD - Fairfield neighbors are fighting against a plan to build a cell tower near two schools on Palm Drive. 

The AT&T tower would be built near Fairfield Woods Middle School, Jennings Elementary School and Fairfield Grace United Methodist Church's preschool.

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First Selectman Michael Tetreau says the tower would be on the church's property.

"The church is looking, as I understand it, for an additional source of revenue," says Tetreau.

According to a state statute, cell towers can't be built within 250 feet of a school, says Tetreau. But the Siting Council, a state body, can approve it if it finds it won't affect how the neighborhood looks.

Neighbors say they are worried the tower will affect the neighborhood's appearance. They say many of the trees will have to be cut down to make room for the 50-by-50-foot base tower. 

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Neighbors will hold a protest at the church Sunday morning at 9 a.m.