NEW ROCHELLE - A New Rochelle woman says a state-owned tree, which fell on property she owns during Hurricane Sandy, should have been removed by now.

Joanne Micelli's frustration started last year when the storm slammed into the New York Metropolitan Area. Trees suffered most of the damage as winds ripped down branches, and in Micelli's case, toppled an oak tree onto a lot she owns.

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The tree stood along the Hutchinson River Parkway, which is a state road. Despite repeatedly asking the state to get rid of the tree, Micelli keeps running into a dead end.

Most of the tree is on Micelli's lot, but part is also on the property of a neighboring homeowner. Both have been assured by the state that the tree will be removed, but it remains there after nearly a year.

State DOT officials admit the tree is theirs and its removal is their responsibility, but they say it's not a high priority. Acting regional DOT Director Bill Gorton says that's because it's not blocking a road or creating a safety hazard.

Gorton says the department does hope to have it removed some time in November, once they can commit needed heavy equipment. DOT officials say when the tree is removed, they plan on using a crane from the Hutchinson River Parkway.